Why There won't be an Election...

Elections Canada still has not rebated Districts associations, of any party, with their refund checks.

In Canada 1/2 of all money spend by a local campaign by a candidate for Member of Parliament in a Federal Election is rebated at the taxpayers expense.

For the most part this rule is how many ridings finance themselves in elections. If they have $30,000 in the bank, they raise another $30,000, and spend $60,000. $30,000 of that money is returned and the process is restarted the next election. Some ridings will even take out loans taking into account the refund they will receive.

All in all, I'm figuring about $20 million dollars Canadian is oustanding from Elections Canada to be paid to various parties operating in 308 District Associations.

No election will happen in this country until those rebates are sent out. The federal parties may have enough money for an election, but in Canada, elections are a district by district fight. The Parties local Distric Associations are the ones that pay for signs, get out the vote efforts, and even will pay for ads for the local candidate.

It's mostly agreed that Elections Canada is dominated by Liberals. It's becoming a little strange that Elections Canada still hasn't send out the rebates yet.

Something tells me that those checks won't come out until sometime in the fall, probably at a time when the Gomery Inquiry is finished, or maybe when the Liberals have recovered a bit...

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