Bad Headlines

The Tories have to stop stories like this one. Yes the populist measures from the Reform movement of MP recall and Citizens initiated referendums were defeated fairly at the last convention - but you don't need to rub it in peoples faces.

In Canada among the very many factions of Conservative includes the so-called "Democratic Conservative." A DemoCon believes that the people in this country do not have enough say in politics in general. Most believe that people should be able to recall members of parliament if they deserve it, and that citizens should be able to initiate referenda like they do in the US and in many countries in Europe. Included along with that is the cause of having our Senators actually be elected in this country.

This may help the Tories with so-called moderate voters, but coming off of the convention some DemoCons such as myself are not going to be happy with people continuously pouring salt on the wound. Move on please.

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