No thanks Klein

Ralph Klein, the Alberta Tory Premier, is offering to campaign for Stephen Harper in the next federal election, which could be called anytime.

I would be touched, if it weren't for the fact I've become a sincere Ralph Klein Cynic since the last election. When I saw Ralph Klein go on TV and openly muse about how he was planning to put in 'two-tier' healthcare in Alberta right after the election I was forced to conclude that either Ralph Klein is a complete moron, or he was looking to portray himself as the "victim" of the federal Liberals to shore up his support in Alberta. Or who knows, maybe Ralph Klein just had a "brain fart" and the media really did hang him out to dry for it...

Either way, in a campaign where the Liberals tried desperately to paint the Tories as having a "hidden agenda", Ralph Klein's comments were like fuel to the fire. As someone as experienced as he was in politics he should have known better. His comments may not have lead alone to the Liberals getting elected, but he was certainly no help.

No thanks Ralph. No offense, but I would rather you focus on avoiding future "brain farts" during Federal elections.

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